The Bio

Ricky Dean was born west of the Mississippi. Dewey Mantini, east of theĀ  magnificent Muddy. They were both children of the Fifties, the cold war, UFOs, Elvis, Bridget Bardot, Ann Margaret… space, the ultimate playpen of the mind.

Tortured by their own unique versions of the Southern Baptist church, Ricky and Dewey came of age during the mid-sixties, exploding headlong into the American test tube- unleashed by the beat of the Negro streets at dawn, the howling winds of the atomic age, the Beatles, the Stones, ah-cid, go-go girls, the crawling, creeping paranoia of racism, and monsters from another world. It was a bad guy vs. good guys world. But who were the good guys?

Eventually, Ricky Dean and Dewey morphed into one creature with a dual personality.

The winds of fate blew this fiend to a particularly odd void called Lawrence, Kansas. Both personalities struggled against the demons within, the demons that would call their souls to the mediocre existence of wage-slave Zombie-ism. One fateful day Ricky Dean and Dewey broke wine and cheese over some jazz cigarettes. Embracing their love for the boogie disease, they declared Rock and Roll against the forces of their Squaresville oppressors!

Join with them! Yes, join with them as they venture into ancient haunts, forbidden taboos, and realms of the universal mind some dare question exist!

This is the Galaxy of Love. This is Ricky Dean Sinatra. This is the path to Jupiter and beyond. Pip, pip, and a little barbecue sauce, too, Daddy rat!dewey blast off rockets